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About Us is one of the largest importers of leather motorcycle clothing’s. We are dedicated to bringing high quality leather goods to the public at a fraction of the cost you would pay at retail stores. No other online retailer can match our quality for the price we offer. is designed keeping in mind the need of most famous celebrity inspired leather jackets. Famous Jackets is a subsidiary of e-commerce consultancy group Backup Innovators, that is running several websites catering the demands of millions of customers worldwide in various niches. We are in same business since 2009 and after successfully running our eBay store we have now launched our own website under the same name. Best part is having our own manufacturing facility so that our buyers could be sure that they are directly buying from the manufacturer and the control from Quality check to dispatch is always there.

    At we offer the most sought after and world renowned jackets to our customers, these include some rare and never found retro classic jackets as well. A separate section for our users have been introduced in this website as well so that our very own members could suggest us a design they would like us to make and add in our portfolio.

    Our Mission is simple, and that is to produce high quality and cheap price famous outwears as worn by renowned celebrities, film stars, musicians, singers and so on. Though we have mainly been making jackets in genuine leather and high quality animal hides, we have got range of faux leather jackets for vegetarian or budget buyers as well. So you could be sure that you are at one of the best online resources for high quality jackets, primarily as worn by famous celebrities.



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