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The leather used in products is tanned and tested in the best tanneries. We use technical leather exclusively set aside for the production of biker items. We mainly work with bovine leather although we also give the option of manufacturing in kangaroo too.


The zippers we use in our equipment are YKK brand, a Japanese and globally renowned manufacturer. We use zippers with auto-block system which that guarantees an automatic blockage of the cursors.


All the elastic parts of our apparels, jackets and pants are partially manufactured with KEPROTEC. This material comes directly from Switzerland and it is an elastic and fire resistant material with great resistance to abrasion. Thanks to Keprotec the equipment will perfectly fit your body, guaranteeing movement and protection.


The neoprene final details in the neck and sleeves are made upon request, thanks to which comfort and smoothness in areas of constant friction are guaranteed.


Inner protections as well as knee sliders use velcro fastenings, allowing the protection to adapt to a comfortable position.


The underwear and inner garments are manufactured with Coolmax fabrics, known for its humidity resistance and its transpiration. It exports humidity favouring its evaporation, allowing humidity to dry fast.


3M is our reflective fabric provider thanks to which we offer the possibility to make your garment reflective. This company is a world leader in the research, development, manufacturing and trading of diversified technologies.


Removable, level 1 & 2 CE-approved shoulder and elbow and knee protectors can be adjusted using VELCRO closures.


External protector for shoulder, Elbow & Knee, available on customer demand.


Everybody requires a different kind of fitting, especially when it comes to how their leather fit? All of our leathers ensure a perfect fit according to style and fitting you demand.

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